Consulting Services

KMC Consulting Solutions Inc. approach to getting your business operations on track: (1) assess where your company is now; (2) create a plan of action for how you can achieve your goals; and (3) implement the plan with suggestions and tools that specifically work to achieve cost efficiency, productivity, and infrastructure.
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A business should not only accommodate the needs of its clients, but of its company and team. KMC has a business consulting team that works with leaders of companies to review the overall functionality of how their business is running. Clarke also suggests solutions and tools that help produce optimal results.

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Corporate Remote Transition

For decades, “brick and mortar" companies have been considered the only legitimate environment to work in if businesses wanted to be taken seriously. However, with a robust freelance industry and the advent of the latest technology and tools which allow companies to have their teams work with more flexibility, it’s not surprising that some studies show that remote companies are more productive, efficient and have more positive outcomes.

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Human Resources

Human resources serves an essential internal function for a company, by helping to support positive relationships with your workforce. It is important to have a clear understanding of how you wish to utilize human resources in your company, as well as how you structure the HR role. This includes the day-to-day job responsibilities of each employee and vendor, the organizational hierarchy of your business and the value that the department adds to your business.

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We work with leaders to help them identify the characteristics of a good leader, including delegation, creative and strategic development and team collaboration. These characteristics also allow teams to manage and execute the leader’s vision.

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Operations Consulting refers to the advisement and administration of the operations of your business in order to create the highest level of efficiency possible within an organization. We provide consultation to management and leaders for operational effectiveness and assist in the development of project planning and scheduling to achieve project goals.

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Businesses strive to build organizational efficiency. Simply put, companies want efficient workflow, function and progress. That’s where organizational design comes in. Our primary goal is to help you achieve professional harmony in every area of your business.

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Putting the right operational team together to run the “insides" of your business. Too often, owners forget that in order to sustain a business you must manage operations daily. It has to be consistent, continuous and necessary.  Team packages are designed based on the needs of each company and owner, and includes initial business consulting.